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Meet Linda...

Linda Brown is a dedicated mentor and educator for entrepreneurs and small business owners, specializing in guiding struggling businesses toward profitability and success. With a strong background in finance and operations, with her passion for empowering others, Linda is committed to helping her clients stress less and learn easy methods to create thriving service-based businesses.

Having experienced the challenges of entrepreneurship firsthand, Linda understands the importance of consistent paychecks, getting out of debt, and building profitable businesses without sacrificing personal fulfillment.

One of Linda's remarkable success stories involves Kate, the owner of a marketing consulting agency.

Kate was seeking to understand her finances, start receiving a steady income, and learn how to plan for the ups and downs of consulting. Under Linda's mentorship, Kate gained control over her cash flow and finances, took consistent paychecks, and is confident in her ability to plan for her company's future.

Today, Kate spends less time worrying about her business and more time doing what she loves – marketing, branding, and building meaningful connections with her clients.


Linda is a trained business strategist and law of attraction coach, offering diverse skills and tools to support her clients' success. Her master certifications as a Profit First Professional, Fix This Next Advisor, Pumpkin Plan Strategist, and QuickBooks Pro Advisor ensure effective and personalized solutions.

With a degree in Economics and extensive experience in corporate finance, Linda brings a wealth of knowledge to her clients.

When not helping entrepreneurs, Linda enjoys quality time with her family and indulges in her passion for quilting.

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What Others are Saying:

"I feel more knowledgeable and empowered about my business and finances."

Working with Linda has been an eye-opening process. I can now confidently manage my finances without concern and focus more of my attention on winning new business and serving my existing customers. I no longer stress about my business or finances."

Kate Lukach, Founder & CEO of Notable Marketing 


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